Sunday, October 18, 2009

Addie Loy to be a feature artist on

Reigning from her stomping grounds of Detroit, Michigan, and currently residing in Kentucky, Addie blends an array of Acoustic styles and Rhythmic forms of her guitar to create her signature, Contemporary and Folk sound.
As Addie has been writing music for the past two years, she illustrates her lyrics with situations and circumstances that mirror the existence of everyday life.

Addie embarked upon her musical passions during her most poignant, teenage years; singing in both her middle school and high school choirs. Picking up the guitar at the tender age of fourteen, as well as studying the art of dance, Addie has mastered the essence of her artistic grace. Influenced by mainstream, industry artists who include, Fleetwood Mac, Tori Amos, Paula Cole, Marc Knoffler and Cat Stevans, Addie released a ten track, studio LP in the summer of 2008. Anything For You was released in part of Tobone Records, and is thematically based upon a song written by Addie and her creative partner, Dave. The critical and commercial success of the debut compilation has garnered Addie airplay on several radio stations throughout Kentucky.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Aural Heather Vancouver City Limits

RPW Records artists AURAL Heather performed their evocative works at the Beaumon Studios Stage for Vancouver City Limits.
Here is some video of their performance.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Denver: Origami Crane, 8 year old Jaden, playing amazing guitar in Denver.

Here is a very young Violet Femme, a force to be reckoned with.

Erin McCallum sings the Blues

Erin McCallum is a blues singer from Ontario with a big voice and a band with a big sound.
When Erin McCallum first heard Big Mama Thornton's "Hound Dog", she sensed something very special. She heard a sound and delivery that she identified with immediately, and continues to channel both in the studio and live performance.

A relative newcomer to the music scene, McCallum is making great strides employing that basic approach - true to the long-established roots of Blues - as basic as her own vision of the genre. And people are starting to take notice. Establishing a sound revolviing around that voice - a captivating alto tenor - and ably supported by Trevor MacKenzie on guitar, Ron Lombard on bass, and Joe Pace on drums, Erin has twice been nominated for an Ontario Independent Music Award ("Best Blues Band")

Erin has just released her second CD Feel This, that features a mix of various Blues stylings, while remaining within the musical territory staked out with her first offering 5 a.m. Blues. McCallum uses the platform of the 11 selections - all written and arranged by the artist from thought to finish - to cover a range of topics; and not all of them the usual Blues variety.

With her strong vocals front and centre, MacKenzie's first-rate guitar serving as the soloing focal point and Lombard and Pace holding down the bottom end. McCallum leads the band through various musical excursions. Feel This is sure to surpass the acceptance of 5 a.m. Blues, that captures the imagination of DJ's and listeners in over 50 countries.

Here is a powerful ballad from Erin

Monday, August 17, 2009

Suzie Vinnick - Butterflies and Sunflowers

I had the pleasure of seeing Suzie Vinnick perform at the Vancouver Folk Festival this summer.
Suzie has amazing stories to tell alongside her wonderful voice and guitar playing, a true Canadian treasure.
I also was lucky enough to catch her on CBC Canada Live as I was driving home one night.
Her Hornby Island Blues Odyssey concert was recorded by the lovely folks at CBC's Canada Live at the Sid Williams Theatre in Courtenay. It is available for your listening pleasure from the CBC website!! You can listen to the songs individually or click on play all tracks to hear the concert in its entirety. Hooray CBC and kudos to all her musical compadres that took part in the show - Rick Fines, Diana Braithwaite, Chris Whiteley, Rita Chiarelli, Doug Cox, David Gogo, Dave Harris, Bill Johnson, Big Dave McLean, Gary Preston and Kenny 'Blues Boss' Wayne!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Beth Southwell touring in the Okanagan!

Beth Southwell is going on tour in the Okanagan between August 16- 21st 2009.
Beth Southwell is touring with bahiyyh and performing at house Concerts on August 16, Voodoo's in Penticton on August 17, and Parks Alive! in Kelowna on August 20th.
I am so excited to be performing in a new environment. I currently am Artist in Residence at Starbucks in Vancouver on 14th and Main Street and perform there every two weeks on Tuesday night between 8:30-10pm. So it is great to get out into the big wide world and explore, performing along the way.
I have just recorded a 6 song ep with Bahiyyih in support of our tour and am thrilled with the results of it. We just put them all together last night.
Please visit my myspace account at and check out my songs.
Thanks for reading and make sure you take a moment to talk a bit about what you are up to. Its inspiring to see what people can do.

Inanna Sisters In Rhythm express their ties with earlier traditions.

Inanna Sisters In Rhythm is a percussion and vocal ensemble that explores the heritage and rhythms of West Africa, through original arrangements and compositions invoking ancient traditions of the drum. Inanna was originally created by the participants of a drum class in Alna, Maine eighteen years ago. Since that time, Inanna has recorded and released five, full-length albums and has performed at numerous percussion festivals and community events.

Inanna is deeply dedicated to the education and cultivation of peace and sharing among cultures through the power of music. The ensemble plays African percussion instruments such as the Djembe, Kpanlogo, Doundounba, Kenkeni and Sangba, and other hand-crafted percussion instruments such as the Balafon (an African Xylophone), kalimba (thumb piano), shekeres and a variety of bells and other small instruments. Frame drums, found in almost every culture and the ancient instruments of women drummers, are now a staple in Inanna’s sound.


As a group, Inanna members have studied percussion with Karamo Sabally of Gambia, West Africa; John McDowell of the Afro-jazz fusion group Mamma Tongue; Yaya Diallo, master drummer from Mali and the author of The Healing Drum; Layne Redmond , author of When the Drummers Were Women; and Famoudou Konate, one of the world’s best-known and recognized d’jembe players.

Inanna takes their name from an ancient Sumerian goddess, who held reign more than 4,000 years ago during a period when it is believed that drummers and dancers were predominantly women. The ensemble chose the name of this ancient goddess to express their ties with earlier traditions.

Check them out on myspace

Pony Up, new CD Stay Gold out now.

Pony Up have a new CD out but here is a video of one of their earlier songs.

Recorded in the spring of 2008 at the now legendary Hotel2Tango studio in Montreal, Canada, with producer Murray Lightburn (singer/song-writer/producer of the Dears) Pony Up’s latest release, Stay Gold, is without question their most cultivated, mighty and romping release to date.
Fusing the playful and satirical energy of their self-titled debut with the melancholic introspection of Make Love to the Judges with your Eyes the ladies have forged a true nonpareil of the late-indie scene.
First breaking the songs into their smaller working parts, Lightburn has reincarnated the music in his own pop-noir-romantique image, honing and edifying the group’s arrangements and soundscapes. The sonic topography has become detailed, ornate and sprawling, if not wholly epic in its scope and ferocity.
Think here of war-like Athena leading on horseback a cavalry of sirens down your aural canals to take as hostage your heart; think of the mendacious promise to which you knowingly submit, let come the deluge, let come the flame.
Stay Gold, was out in spring 2009 on Laughing Outlaw Records (Australia), is Pony Up in opulent and martial array: come in, won’t you, surrender in the sultry glow. Available digitally at and and in Montreal at Cheap Thrills, L'Oblique, Atom Heart and Phonopolis.
Taken from Pony Up on myspace

Julie Crochetiere has a new CD coming out

Julie Crochetiere is a Montreal artist.

The magic happens somewhere between the groove and the melody. The essence of her lyrics and her smooth, soulful voice already had you, but you become hypnotized by the rhythm and lifted high by the song, as she brings it to you with class, passion and sincerity. As the song escapes her lips, it finds its way straight to your heart. Montreal-native Julie Crochetiere is - as always - delivering an unforgettable experience.

After a successful run with Universal pop group, ‘Sugar Jones’ and declining a second record deal, Julie still felt she was standing at a precipice. She needed to do it on her own and on her own terms. Thriving for something more, she began soul searching and her decision to start from scratch became a blessing. She wrote, co-produced and independently released her first EP, ‘Café’. Following its success, she released ‘A Better Place’, a soulful album rich with stories of past experiences and self-discovery. “It’s about overcoming struggles and being yourself.” Julie shares. “It’s about empowerment and love.”

Mirroring the impact of her live performances, ‘A Better Place’ sold over 20,000 copies in North America, and had reached the eighth highest downloaded album on iTunes Canada soul/R&B chart, behind renowned artists such as Amy Winehouse, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Alicia Keys. It produced the successful radio single, ‘Precious Love’ along with a hit video on Bravo, MuchMoreMusic and Musimax. Nominated for Best New Song and Vocalist of the Year, Julie has performed for Canada Music Week, North by Northeast, Montreal International Jazz Festival and the Toronto Jazz Festival. Julie’s highly-anticipated third album is due to release in the spring of 2009.

Her passion for writing, producing and performing continues. She recently established Play it Forward, a concert series designed to raise funds for music programs across Canada and motive children to play music. Sharing the stage with school bands and children's choirs has sparked an incredible energy among everyone involved, which in turn, has resulted in a powerful social impact in the community. The kids are inspired and gaining empowerment. “They’re working together for one common goal and they feel like a million bucks up there,” Julie says of the experience. She's grateful for the chance to collaborate with the talent that surrounds her – novice and professional – and has earned respect, loyalty and admiration. The positive response she continues to receive is a true testament to her intention with music.

Her creativity seems to flow effortlessly. Feeling most comfortable sans shoes, she sings from her soul, with confidence and class. As you're instantly drawn to Julie’s lyrics and magnetic vibe, it's an experience you won't soon forget. You'll find yourself lost in her grooves and melodies, the common link she continually seeks and always delivers.

iTunes Canada

iTunes USA
Info taken from Julies myspace page

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beth and Bahiyyih: ‘Live to Sing and Sing to Live’ Tour

Beth and Bahiyyih's ‘Live to Sing and Sing to Live’ Tour kicks off Sunday Aug 16th 2009 with a House Concert in Kelowna, then on to Voodoos in Penticton with and Brock Geiger on the 17th.
August 22nd sees them in Kerry Park in Kelowna for Parks Alive on the 20th.

Beth and Bahiyyih are a musical duo who have been singing together for over 4 years. They are currently Artists in Residence at two Vancouver venues, building a loyal following with their heartfelt and beautiful songs. Guitar, accordian, percussion and beautiful harmonies can be expected, as well as being brought on a journey with their sometimes rootsy, sometimes funky, always well delivered original songs.

Here is Beth singing at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre in Vancouver

Here is some video of Bahiyyih at the Media Club in Vancouver

VANCOUVER CITY LIMITS features loads of female talent.


Vancouver City Limits hosts showcases of original artists every week at The Sin Bin Cafe in Vancouver, and posts video on their youtube channel. They are dedicated supporters of indie music and kudos to them.
AUGUST 13, 2009 at The Sin Bin Bar and Grill
295 W. 2nd Ave. (at Crowe), Vancouver

Pawnshop Diamond

After years of hanging around musicians, Katie Ormiston finally picked up her brother's guitar and started strumming her own chords. She had always hung around with musicians – and even dated a few – but she never actually expected to wind up on stage herself. It began with writing – working things out in a song, as John Prine would say. A romantic trip to Europe gone awry left Ormiston looking to her music collection for answers. She found them in the songs of Neil Young, JJ Cale and Lucinda Williams and she soon found her own lyrical voice. A close friend, Nina Fleming, flew to Europe to help her recover by sipping cabernet from white plastic cups on the mediterainian. There, the first Pawnshop Diamond songs were born as the two friends sang harmonies on the Paris Metro. Back in the rich musical community of East Vancouver, Ormiston didn’t need to go far to find musical collaborators. Fleming, dusted off her piano and another friend Jared Ferrie accompanied them on electric guitar. They played their first performance on Ormiston’s 30th birthday, fulfilling a promise to herself and showing a promise of things to come. Lucas Schuller was recruited on drums and Lynn Saffery on bass to complete Pawnshop Diamond. Ferrie would later leave to pursue a career in journalism and was replaced by David Taylor. With numerous shows, a few festivals and a second studio album now under their belt, Pawnshop Diamond are spreading their musical message with sweet harmonies and deep grooves.

Here is some video of Pawnshop Diamond at work.


"So a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead walked into a bar..." to share
Bluegrass flavoured tunes from Johnnie Ninety-Nine [vocals, guitar, banjo, pianner]
L'il Red Campion [fiddle, vocals] and Shiloh Lindsey [vocals, guitar]
Christopher Suen [banjo, guitar, vocals]


A young singer songwriter who is driven by the beat; marked by the melody; defined by the story.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Slow Down Music Video latest from Lachi

Lachi is constantly coming out with new video and is an inspiration.
Here is her new video and I wish Lachi luck with all her musical endeavours.
Her song We Can Fly is on Violet Femmes Vol 2 and is available on iTunes.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Claire Roche : Siuil a Ruin

It is so wonderful that there are so many types of music out there, what a blessing to us all.
Here is Claire Roche, an Irish harpist and singer, you can hear more of her at her website

Friday, July 24, 2009

Patty Larkin Played the Vancouver Folk Festival

Here is Patti from Falcon Ridge a few years back.
I had the privilege to interview her after her performance for The Storytelling Show that airs on Sundays from 9-10 on CFRO 102.7. The show can be heard online and is also archived at
Patti is continually evolving and exploring new styles and sounds, she was such an inspiration to me.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jess Hill in "From Above" a music flicker with CJ Leon

I am excited to share Jess Hill's first video, thanks to the aspirations, filming, and story by Cindy Rose, who is also Jess' cousin. This is Jess' 1st music video and a testament to community and talent pooling together to make a dream come true!

Jess Hill enchants her object of affection (played by the tumbling and terrified CJ Leon) and runs him down with winged voodoo hearts. Please share this video with your friends.

The song is the first track on her album "Road", which is available for purchase here:

The Travelling Mabels "Love Is Strange"

Three joyful women from Alberta making great music.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I am going to the Vancouver Folk Festival this weekend and thought I would interview some of the women performing there for my COOP radio shows, CFRO 102.7fm and
Here is a video or Basia Bulot from Ontario.
In the Night

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sylvia Patricia, coming to Vancouver, see her video ACUSTICO - Lagrimas e vodka

Brazil's Sylvia Patricia is on Violet Femmes Vol 2 and is performing in Seattle in August and doing a Violet Femmes Showcase in Vancouver in September. I will have more information soon and will keep you posted, but while waiting why not enjoy her songs and soothing voice via youtube.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ndidi Onukwulu "He Needs Me" @ Le Pont des Artistes (Paris)

Ndidi is playing tonight at Performance Works in Vancouver as part of the Jazz Festival, July 4th. She is also going to be in the studio taliking with me on The Storytelling Show on July 5th at 9 pm, listen online at

Monday, June 1, 2009

Fundraiser for The Storytelling Show on Coop Radio at the Cafe Deux Soleils

Wednesday, June 3rd at the Cafe Deux Soleils on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. 9:00

COOP Radio's Storytelling Show is hosting a fundraising concert on Wednesday, June 3rd at the Cafe Deux Soleils.
Thanks to the support and generosity of Melissa Endean, Girl Goes Electric, Beth Southwell and Christie Rose, we look forward to an incredible night of music at the Cafe Deux Soleils.

Vancouver Co-operative Radio, CFRO, 102.7 FM is a non-commercial, co-operatively owned, listener-supported, community radio station. Located in the heart of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, Co-op Radio is a voice for the voiceless that strives to a provide space for under-represented and marginalized communities. Co-op Radio aims to increase community participation by encouraging examination of the social and political concerns of the geographic and cultural communities of BC. There is a facebook group for COOP Radio
Coop Radio on Facebook
The Storytelling Show is on Sundays from 9-10 and
it is a program about women’s storytelling in all its variations: from oral storytelling to story-readings to spoken word performances.
So come on down. Tickets are $5.00 and music starts at 9 and ends at midnight.

Hear the artists on myspace.

For more information on the Storytelling Show and COOP Radio
The Storytelling Show on Facebook
The Storytelling Show on MySpace

About the Cafe Deux Soleils
It is a vegetarian eatery, that has been feeding hordes of Drive residents for the past decade and a half. Famous for its brunches, Poetry Slams, and live music events, the big box room plays host to a variety of events and proves itself quite flexible in hosting the Drive's eclectic groups.
Sign up to say you are coming at:
Facebook Event Posting

Rebel Red to open for Jefferson Starship.

I am excited to tell you that Red Peralta, aka Rebel Red, will be opening for Jefferson Starship in Livermore, Maine on Sunday, August 9.

Other bands also on the bill are Canned Heat, Ten Years After, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Melanie, Country Joe MacDonald - it's the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock "Heroes of Woodstock" Tour and this will be their only New England appearance.

Tickets are on sale from $55 to $200 - see the link on her schedule below.

Red's upcoming shows are posted below.

Upcoming Shows for Red Peralta - Rebel Red
Jun 5 2009 8:00 PM Allendale, NJ Beantowne Gourmet
Jun 13 2009 12:00 PM Poughkeepsie, NY Mt Carmel Place Music & Art Fair
Jun 13 2009 5:00 PM Poughkeepsie, NY Mount Carmel Place Music & Arts Festival
Jun 13 2009 9:00 PM Kingston, NY Air Gallery
Jun 21 2009 1:00 PM Warwick, NY Art on the Green
Jun 24 2009 4:00 PM West Milford, NJ West Milford Farmers Market
Jun 27 2009 8:00 PM Pearl River, NY Southbound
Jun 28 2009 10:00 AM Warwick, NY Warwick Farmers Market
Jul 10 2009 7:00 PM Upton, MA Sweet Summer Night Concert Series
Aug 2 2009 12:00 PM Bethlehem, PA Musikfest
Aug 2 2009 9:00 PM Woodstock, NY Alchemy
Aug 9 2009 8:00 PM Livermore, ME Heroes of Woodstock Festival Tickets
Aug 16 2009 8:00 PM West Brooksville, ME Valley oF Stars Concert Series
Aug 20 2009 8:00 PM Livermore Falls, ME Frantasia Music & Arts Festival
Aug 23 2009 4:00 PM Pine Island, NY Earth Day Heirloom Tomato Festival
Sep 6 2009 1:00 PM Peekskill, NY Peekskill Coffeehouse
Sep 13 2009 10:00 AM Warwick, NY Warwick Farmers Market
Sep 20 2009 12:00 PM Warwick, NY Art on the Green
Sep 25 2009 8:00 PM Cincinnati, OH MidPoint Music Festival
Oct 4 2009 12:00 PM Warwick, NY Applefest 2009
Oct 10 2009 9:00 PM Binghamton, NY Cyber Cafe West
Nov 6 2009 8:00 PM Phoenicia, NY Arts Upstairs Gallery
Nov 15 2009 3:00 PM West Milford, NJ Wine In The Woods
Nov 28 2009 8:00 PM Lenhartsville, PA Creekside Cultural Center
Dec 2 2009 8:00 PM Phoenixville, PA Steel City Coffee House

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Girl Goes Electric: Fresh, Quirky and Cool

A Vancouver band that I love, Girl Goes Electric, say it all so well. I just took their myspace and used it here to share their info with you.
In true 21st century style, Girl Goes Electric is a partnership conceived on the World Wide Web and launched at a corporate coffee house. Girl Goes Electric is an electroacoustic fusion of Susan Dixon’s compelling original songs and artful handling of a guitar with Adam Percy’s passion for programming and mad keyboard genius. With sounds ranging from pulsing trip-hop and rhythmic melancholy dance music to rollicking barrelhouse, the rich textures and layers tease the ear as they reveal themselves, recalling artists like Morcheeba, Everything But The Girl, and Massive Attack.

Songwriter and chanteuse Susan Dixon is not your typical guitar-wielding chick. Her electric blue eyes and coy charm have been drawing in audiences since she first took to the stage at seventeen, but it is her wry lyrical sensibility that leaves you hanging off every word. With a confident voice and strong musicality, Susan sings of life’s beautiful frustrations - always with a playfully arched eyebrow that lets you know she is quite a joyful girl in spite of herself. Her roots are in Winnipeg, where she began her love affair with the guitar at age eight and started writing songs as an angsty adolescent. As a student at a French-language university, Susan developed cult status as “that anglo girl who writes French songs,” and went on to record a 12-song release entitled Minuit et quart. Building on a loyal following, she made multiple appearances in venues around town and garnered airplay on local radio stations. After a few misspent years writing and playing in Halifax, Susan moved her bones, books, most of her heart and what’s left of her mind to the west coast, and is thrilled to be the girl in Girl Goes Electric.

Hailing from suburban Toronto, Adam Percy cut his teeth playing and programming keyboards with Toronto funk-rock alternative group Acid Test. Their indie EP Trip On This scored the band a stint on Sire/Warner Bros. and an album release titled Drop. Top opening slots and tours quickly followed, including shows with Nine Inch Nails, Sugar Ray, Sloan, 54-40, The Ocean Blue and The Sugarcubes. Adam then took ..board touring duty with Econoline Crush, touring the US, Canada and Europe for the album Affliction on the bill with artists such as Filter, The Tea Party, Die Krupps and The Young Gods. He was then recruited for programming duties on the Bif Naked album I Bificus, which sold gold in Canada. Recording was quickly followed by tours as her keyboard player and gigging with the likes of SNFU, Raggadeath and Glueleg. After many more years of producing and recording under his belt and a recent relocation back to Vancouver, Adam brings his programming, production, and performing artistry to this new project.

Girl Goes Electric is a perfect marriage of the organic and the synthetic. Fresh, quirky, and cool. Clever, sexy, and real. With their new self titled E.P released, look for Girl Goes Electric, soon to be rocking a crowd near you.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Violet Femmes Merch Now Available

Merch with Violet Femmes graphics is now available from our VIOLET FEMMES STORE.

You can support Violet Femmes efforts at promoting women in music by visiting our store and purchasing something that takes your fancy. This is one more way to keep the wheels turning.

Theres everything from Ceramic Travelling Cups to Tote Bags and hoodies and T shirts.


Violet Femmes Artist Lachi will be in the CMJ New Music Report #1106 and her song "We Can Fly" will be on the CMJ Sampler whi;ch is heavily pushed on college radio in June.

will also be on a Radiohead Tribute album put out by Failure to Community Records. The album will be released in July and will also have the Evanescence, The Desden Dolls and other great acts covering Radiohead songs. And of course Lachi will be doing a renditions of the seven minute "Paranoid Android," just to be a Radiohead nerd.

Lachi will also be performing at the Knitting Factory on June 11th along with acts like Julus C, and Mark Goldberg, so come out!
Confirm here: at the Event Posting

"Broke My Heart" is on rotation at Live365's WomenRadio: You can check out Women Radio
and hear lots of great music.

Elizabeth Fischer and Tony Wilson: A rare appearance at Indie Vancouver

Indies Vancouver celebrates the independent arts with a monthly multi-media event featuring film, spoken word and music on the third Wednesday of the month. This month Indies Vancouver is held at Cafe Deux Soleils at 2096 Commercial Drive, Vancouver and features:

Grand Champion of the 2008 Vancouver Poetry Slam, Scruffmouth.

Short Film Slam. Film makers bring in their short films and the audience chooses a winner.


In a rare appearance together of two of Vancouver’s most creative musicians, Drip Audio recording artists Elizabeth Fischer and Tony Wilson. They will be performing original songs as well as arrangements of some their favourites.


Elizabeth Fischer

A recognized vocalist, composer and lyricist, Elizabeth Fischer is the singer in DarkBlueWorld, who are about to release their second CD. She has recorded and performed with internationally reknowned musicians, led the noted art-rock band Animal Slaves in the 80’s, loves Hungarian songs and French chansons, and continues to explore the music of Brecht/Weill and Hans Eisler in a number of contexts.

“With her cigarette-rough voice, Fischer invites comparison to Nico or Patti Smith, though her superior range and color indicate that the similarity has more to do with persona than sound. The slow burning anger in these songs is hardly apparent at first, but finally surfaces as defiance rather than cynicism. It is the sound of a damaged romantic” - JunkMedia

Tony Wilson:

Vancouver's Coastal Jazz and Blues hails Tony Wilson as "unquestionably one of the most original guitar stylists on the Canadian scene". Down Beat Magazine entitles him as "...a talismanic West Coast figure." Tony won a West Coast Music Award with his band Video Barbeque and released the critically acclaimed ‘Lowest Note’ in 2001, which went on to become a pick of the year in the Globe and Mail. Tony’s current sextet is turning heads after recent successful appearances at this year’s Guelph and Vancouver Jazz Festivals. Tony’s compositions have been played by artists as diverse as the NOW Orchestra, The Hard Rubber Orchestra, Myra Melford, Kokoro Dance, Marilyn Crispell, François Houle and Zubot & Dawson.

“...heartfelt, mercurial, and inspired” – The Georgia Straight

“wonderful and exotically quirky” – Exclaim!

“fearless music-making that spits in the face of too-polite conservatism” - textura

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Twitter, Tweet, Tweet

Hi there
I just signed up for twitter, so if you are on twitter please follow
I also signed up as Pam Southwell and then thought I should really create another account for Violet Femmes.
Claire Hayek is preparing for the trip out west to do the Showcase on May 4th, so that is exciting.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Violet Femmes Showcase with Vancouver City Limits

Here is the poster for this special night at the Beaumont Theatre on May 4th 2009.
Vancouver City Limits and Violet Femmes join forces to present an outstanding evening of original music at the Beaumont Stage. This is a great little soft seat theatre, seating about 65, so get there early.

Claire Hayek will travel from Montreal to join Vancouver artists Christie Rose and Manuela.
Claire Hayek's site
Christie Rose Myspace
Manuela's Myspace
I posted video links on the events posting at Violet Femmes Event Posting on Facebook so you can hear each artist in full voice, a great way to know if this is a night you will not want to miss.
Also their website links are handy for you, just click on see all.
Thanks everyone and hope to see you there. We are hoping for a sold out show.
Tickets are available at the door for $7.00

Friday, April 17, 2009

Christie Rose Plays May 4th show at The Beaumont Stage

Vancouver singer/songwriter Christie Rose will be gracing the stage onMay 4th. Vancouver City Limits and RPW Records present the Violet Femmes Showcase featuring Claire Hayek, Christie Rose and Manuela, it promises to be an extraordinary evening.
Here is Christie Rose singing SAD HEART, a song that wraps itself around your heart and stays a while.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Violet Femmes Showcase April 1st at the Media Club in Vancouver.

Violet Femmes features the best and the brightest of women performers from Vancouver and beyond.
This show features Alaska's Marian Call, and AURAL Heather, both from Violet Femmes Vol 2 and Beth Southwell from Violet Femmes Vol 1
Here is some information about the artists performing in this show.

Marian Call

"...If I were a betting man, I would put my money on Marian Call. Vanilla is a Certified Desert Island Disc, and any other awards or monikers you can think to throw its way. It's the best thing I've heard thus far in 2008, and is one of the three best debut albums I've ever heard. Remember the day and time when you first heard about Marian Call, and get on the bandwagon soon. This star is going to burn bright." - Wildy Haskell, music reviewer & pop culture blogger

AURAL Heather is Heather Haley and Roderick Shoolbraid.

An interesting twist on poetry, AURAL Heather has taken an artform to higher levels of cool. Pulling no punches, AURAL Heather drops the truth on a diverse array of controversial topics relevant to society. Doing it with an undeniable allure, lead poet Haley's voice is both sensual and intriguing delivering the real to you without apology.

For most, this form of artistic release may be quite new. The artists have been plying their craft in the underground scene for years, but do yourself a favor and open your ears and mind to a complex and intriguing ageless artform.

AURAL Heather has fashioned a unique style of melding some very cool musical production with haunting realities communicated in memorable, sensual and haunting vocal stylings. The core musical aspects of this act are the essence of cool, ...
Catask Review

Beth Southwell
Beth writes with a lyrical honesty and sings with a rare sincerity and selflessness.
Beth has toured the UK, Taiwan and British Columbia, recorded three albums and is currently working on another solo project.

Monday, February 23, 2009

So What - Pink - ( Official Music Video )

This is such a powerful song and such a great one to dance to when you are feeling rebelious.
Go Pink!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Marian Call's Volvo Song on Video

I was thrilled to discover this video of Marian performing this song, such an inspired performance.
We are hopeful that Marian will be able to make it to Vancouver for our April 1st Violet Femmes Showcase at the Media Club.

I have just been uploading video onto
Check it out.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Violet Femmes Vol 2 CD Release Set for March 10th

Violet Femmes Vol 2 is due for release on March 10th. There will be CD Release Party at the Media Club in Vancouver featuring artists from Vol 2.

Pauline Kyllonen

Kelowna's Pauline Kyllonen is travelling down for the show and she will share the evening with AURAL Heather, featuring Heather Haley and Roderick Shoolbraid.

AURAL Heather
Special surprise guests will also brighten our stage, so keep checking back to the blog.

From Above - Jess Hill - Living Room

Such a great song from Vancouver's Jess Hill. Had to share it with all you music lovers out there.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rave Reviews for Pauline Kyllonen and her song, Unlucky.

The first single off of VIOLET FEMMES VOL 2 is Unlucky by Pauline Kyllonen.

Here is a review of her self titled debut CD by Nancy Dunham in the Indie Music Magazine - February 10, 2008

"Think a cleaner, less fussy version of Lucinda Williams and you'll be on the right track."

Pauline Kyllonen may hail from Canada, but her sound is right out of Nashville, or Texas, or maybe Arizona. Suffice to say she's got the Folk/Americana/Country sound down pat and has the talent to make the most of it.

What sets Kyllonen apart from others is the simplicity with which she showcases the music. Her strong yet wistful voice is the main instrument on these tracks, never overwhelmed by complex instrumentation or too slick production. Think of a cleaner, less fussy musical version of Lucinda Williams and you'll be on the right track.

The pity is that the four tunes on this CD are over much too soon.

Not surprising, the lead tune "Unlucky" has gotten some critical attention. Imagine it as a rocked up, harder edged version of early Reba or maybe even Suzy Bogguss. Without question, Kyllonen has the voice to carry the strong song and catchy "no luck at all" chorus.

"Rainbow Cafe" is straight out of a small Nashville roadhouse; straight country complete with steel guitar and a haunting tale of despair. Yet Kyllonen pulls it off without going into the cornball alley where many balladeers languish. The same can be said of the love song "Like A River."

"Wasn't Thinking About You" is a down tempo, percussion heavy tune that just begs for a contemplative listener.

Come on, Pauline. Think about us. We definitely need more of your sound in our lives. Read article online at:

-Pauline Kyllonen

"Great White" proves to be an oasis of warmth in a winter wonderland

Singer-songwriter Sarah Nebel released her second full-length album "Great White" on February 4th. The album’s producer is Vidar Lunden with Park Grammofon and features such artists as Kjetil Steensnæs, Torstein Lofthus, Palle Wagnberg, Kjetil Dalland, Torjus Vierli, Roar Vangen and more. The songs vary from slow roots ballads to alternative pop/rock songs with a definitive twist.
"Great White" is a sublime follow up to her first full-length album, "Time to Fly", as it exemplifies Nebel's unique and ever-evolving approach to song-writing. The intense and often provocative lyrics are coupled with thoughtful and exquisite musical arrangements that at times defy gravity.

This is Sarah Nebel at her best: penning her own songs and spinning personal stories that are both a dedication to her art and a tribute to her own internal strength. "I can't remember a single day when my heart and mind hasn't been busy writing music or feeling music." In "Great White" Sarah Nebel has discovered a sense of renewal so profound that it may very well set the stage for a future of appetizing prospects for both the artist and dedicated fans. Within the same breath she leaves the door wide open for new listeners to fall under the spell of her provocative magnetism.

Sarah Nebel released a double-single from the new album earlier this year, which included the songs "Blindfolded Star" and "Maybe A Song". Both songs feature a duet with one of Sarah Nebel's favorite Norwegian singers, Trond Granlund . Her radio single "Time" was featured for an impressive 11 weeks on national radio (NRK P1) between December and February 2007. Sarah Nebel’s first solo album "Time to Fly" was released in Norway on her own music label MyStory Productions in 2004. In 2005, She signed a recording deal with the Norwegian label Park Grammofon.

"Jasmin" was written for a young lady who dared to stand out as "different" at a very you ng age. "I was smitten by her soul, her courage." The music video for "Jasmin" was created by Sarah Nebel with the help of Paula Legault - and features notable American actress Jill Bennett and Jamie Blake, who is part of the rock group Vixtrola. Sarah Nebel transformed her inspiration for this mature, young advocate into a song that is a dedication to her muse's determination. The haunting piano arrangement that opens "Jasmin" mystically escalates through peaks of guitar riffs and atmospheric touches that blend into a cacophony of pure rapture. The video is set to be released soon.

If "Jasmin" establishes itself firmly as a rapturous tribute on Great White, "Blindfolded Star" is its melodic, organic counterpart. Here Sarah Nebel peels back another layer of herself with a ballad that is as eccentric as the Johan Hastard book it was based on: Buzz Aldrin, what happened to you in all the confusion?. The song devoted to Ennen tenderly unfolds as the percussion compliments both Nebel's and the book's emotional directness. The addition of Trond Granlund's charismatic vocals exude a tangible familiarity that blends seamlessly with Sarah Nebel's lush tones. Sarah Nebel's storytelling talent is breathtaking in its simplicity with "Blindfolded Star".

With a recording process done in live sessions in the studio with a band that was presented with only Sarah Nebel's homemade demos, Great White was given shape and form. The additional attention of producer Vidar Lunden - who expertly captured it all and gave it an intricate touch when working with the recordings before mixing it adds to the album's essence. Great White is a sophomore album of subtle touches, capturing achingly emotional flourishes, entwined with dreamy and memorable vocals. It's the type of musical offering that reminds us of endless winter dreamscapes, yet transports us into such a warm and comforting place that we can't possibly protest its chilled poise.

By day, Sarah Nebel runs her own creative design agency, and is also displaying her art at local exhibitions. By night, she works tirelessly on the music that has been her lifelong companion. Sarah Nebel lives withdrawn in the Norwegian countryside with her husband, where she enjoys the close proximity to nature, outdoor activities, and spending quality time with her family and friends. In addition to releasing her second studio album, Nebel is performing live in a trio format with Roar Vangen and Øivind R. Nilsen.
She also sings and co-writes with the band "Zoo Lounge". The duality of Sarah Nebel's nature is the element that births music that makes repeated listening an endlessly revivifying delight. It ascertains that Sarah Nebel's musical journey has yet to come full circle, but remains in a continuous cycle of artistic reinvention and restores belief in the influence of song and the lone vigilance of the songwriter.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Great news for our Violet Femme, Laura Roppe.

song “Mama Needs A GIrl's Night Out” is number 31 on the ECMA charts in Denmark and 39 on the Netherlands charts right now.
Also Hot Country Radio selected “Mama” as number 9 on their list of the Top 50 Country Songs of 2008!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Rebel Red gets Airplay in Scotland

Just as the media mailout for Violet Femmes Volume 2 is underway I got great news from one of our featured artists.
Rebel Red got a publicist for Christmas so just released a track from
her new CD
Red got an airplay request from a radio station in Scotland ! This is great news and congrats Red.
As Rebel Red says to her fellow artists out there:
"Good luck to all -- it can be done!"
Here are her websites if you care to take a visit.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beth Southwell at Vancouver CIty Limits

Vancouver City Limits is a great weekly showcase featuring three acts at the Beaumont Studios theatre that seats 60 in an intimate setting.
So if you are in Vancouver on a Monday, check out Vancouver City Limits, hosted by Bruce Gerresh and Colin Speirs.
They also film all the acts and post a song from each on their youtube channel,

Kat Gillis at The Beaumont Studios

Here is a great singer songwriter from Vancouver, an up and coming force to be reckoned with.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Gotta Go by Claire Hayek

Winner of 'Best Provincial Pop female Artist' and 'Best Provincial Pop CD' by Toronto Exclusive Magazine, Claire Hayek's very distinctive voice, reminiscent of Cher, Paula Cole and Alanis announces the arrival of a singer-songwriter who should be around for a long time to come.
Divided between love and deceit, hope and desperation, mystery and day to day reality, her debut album 'Intention' says it all.
A blend of mixed emotions, colorful melodies and textures, the songs aim straight to the heart and to the human conscience. With the majority of the album written and produced by Claire, 'Intention' announces the arrival of a singer-songwriter-producer with an unbending purpose.
Claire's song 'If Only I' is featured on Violet Femmes Volume 2, out in January 09. as is her own solo CD, Intention.
The official album launch for Intention is now scheduled for the month of February 09.
In the meantime, I invite you to watch 'Charmer' music video teaser on her
Facebook page

The complete video version will be broadcast on Feb 1st.
Listen to Claire at her MySpace page.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rebel Red sings Love Is A Power Divine

Red's main influences are 60's Folk-Rock, Old-School Rhythm & Blues.

Rebel Red is the project of roots rock singer/songwriter Red - her vocal style is sassy '60s r&b, her raunchy guitar playing sounds like a cross between Duane Eddy and early Keith Richards.....

Red's song "On My Guard" was recently awarded an honorable mention by the 15th Annual Billboard World Songwriting Contest. This is the song featured on the Violet Femmes Vol 2 CD.
Red was born in New York City and grew up in England. She cut her performing teeth fronting English bands on U.S. overseas military bases for several years, in Germany, Italy and Greece.

“It was hard work - four to six sets a night, six nights a week - but I learned a lot and the soldiers turned me on to some great r&b, soul and country singers, taking me back to my American roots. Hence the cross fertilization in my songs.”

She eventually returned to the States and worked with producer/guitarist Steve Burgh (Willie Nelson, John Prine, Steve Forbert), who produced her first album, "Water Planet", before his untimely death in 2005.

“ Steve gave me my first chance to play and record with authentic roots musicians - another learning curve.”

Red continued to perform on the New York City club circuit, recording three more projects with drummer Richard Crooks (Dr. John), before disappearing for a while to raise two boys, which she threw herself into wholeheartedly.

She re-appeared on the music scene in 2008 with a new cd, "Sex, Religion, Politics".

"Although I am a seasoned performer, when I emerged from the sidelines of motherhood I had to start from scratch in the music world and felt kind of lost. But love of performing is a powerful force, and I soon discovered that I couldn't NOT do it. So, I said OK here goes! and took the plunge. "

"No more doubts now!! Glad I took that plunge!"

Red is currently in the studio tracking the next Rebel Red album (projected street date March 1, 2009).

Musicians Red has collaborated with, past and present: Jeff Pevar (Ray Charles, Crosby, Stills and Nash), Erik Lawrence (Levon Helm), Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan), Richie Crooks (Dr. John), the Uptown Horns (Rolling Stones), and many more.