Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Charmer by Claire Hayek

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Violet Femmes Showcase April 1st at the Media Club in Vancouver.

Violet Femmes features the best and the brightest of women performers from Vancouver and beyond.
This show features Alaska's Marian Call, and AURAL Heather, both from Violet Femmes Vol 2 and Beth Southwell from Violet Femmes Vol 1
Here is some information about the artists performing in this show.

Marian Call

"...If I were a betting man, I would put my money on Marian Call. Vanilla is a Certified Desert Island Disc, and any other awards or monikers you can think to throw its way. It's the best thing I've heard thus far in 2008, and is one of the three best debut albums I've ever heard. Remember the day and time when you first heard about Marian Call, and get on the bandwagon soon. This star is going to burn bright." - Wildy Haskell, music reviewer & pop culture blogger

AURAL Heather is Heather Haley and Roderick Shoolbraid.

An interesting twist on poetry, AURAL Heather has taken an artform to higher levels of cool. Pulling no punches, AURAL Heather drops the truth on a diverse array of controversial topics relevant to society. Doing it with an undeniable allure, lead poet Haley's voice is both sensual and intriguing delivering the real to you without apology.

For most, this form of artistic release may be quite new. The artists have been plying their craft in the underground scene for years, but do yourself a favor and open your ears and mind to a complex and intriguing ageless artform.

AURAL Heather has fashioned a unique style of melding some very cool musical production with haunting realities communicated in memorable, sensual and haunting vocal stylings. The core musical aspects of this act are the essence of cool, ...
Catask Review

Beth Southwell
Beth writes with a lyrical honesty and sings with a rare sincerity and selflessness.
Beth has toured the UK, Taiwan and British Columbia, recorded three albums and is currently working on another solo project.